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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Adventure World: Prof. Allen's Artifact Tent

Build the Prof. Allen's Artifact Tent
Complete the Maps to recover Ancient Artifacts and harvest them for rewards. Place the Artifact Tent and go to the Maps looking for artifacts. Let's Start?

For the Idol of energy and to get 4 Energy per day, complete the Map:
Thoth's of Chambers
(The Guardian of Underworld - CLICK HERE FOR THE GUIDE)

For the Idol of Health and get 2 Adventure Cash every day, complete the Map:
Eyrie of the Generals
(Warriors of the Sky - CLICK HERE FOR THE GUIDE)


For now this is the only information available. I will update as soon as more information is available. For the Artifact Tent - News (CLICK HERE)

Note: The Artifact Tent is ONLY PLACED in the Base Camp. You don't need to really BUILD the tent, but providing artifacts to it. Click on the Artifact Tent to place the artifact, when you have completed the map.

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