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Monday, March 5, 2012

Adventure World: Lake of Fire - 3.Underworld

3. Lake of Fire
Guardian of Underworld (Serie: 3/3)

"The feather of Maat is essential." ... "Place it on the Scales"

Ask friends: 8 Good Deeds
Gadgets: Mummy Charms (you really will need some)
Suggestions: Scorpion Baits, if you don't have a lv 4 hammer, use bear traps 
Hidden Caves: 2 Hidden Caves (See photos at the end)
Rewards: 5 Scarab Glyphs, 1 Statue of Osiris
Lake of Fire
Guardian of Underworld (Serie: 3/3)
Quest 1
Quest 2
Quest 3

Clock direction for the fire island. Clear the way, and some scorpions will appear.
At the same time use the 8 Deeds (received from friends) in the cauldrons.
Let's divide the map in 3 areas: Right , Front and Left.

Right Side
Overview 2 - Right
Bottom left right: Hidden Cave

Puzzle - Right Side
Puzzle - Left Side
Hidden Cave location
Feather of Maat (In Front)
 Placing the feather (RIGHT)

LEFT: Standing in the Scales (feather is there on the right)
Hidden Caves:


  1. How do you do the mummy charm? No information about it at my Indiana Jones Tent where I normally craft things. I must be missing something and the in-game instructions are completely useless in helping figure out how to complete this objective.

    1. You need to have the building Black Market. Here is the link about the construction. Then you craft several other gadgets, like the Mummy Charm. This building works in the same way as Indianan Jones' Tent. Don't ask me why they didn't add these gadgets to the Indiana Jones Tent. For my opinion they should have done that. Maybe to make as spending more time until we could craft the new gadgets.



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