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Monday, February 27, 2012

Adventure World: The Raised Pyramid Guide

2. Lost Pyramids
Ask Friends: 
  • 15 Prof MacGillicuddy's vase polish (individual request), 
  • 10 Prof MacGillicuddy's Pit-Fill (wall post)
  • Hammer Upgrade (Sallah's Bazaar)
Rewards: Eye glyph
Overview Starting Point
This place is very straight forward. Avoid snakes, use crew or gadget. Go to top of the pyramid. Defeat Bakari mummy, grab the Bakari's crown. By the way up or at the end collect Dusty Vases (all are needed- 15 polish, first and then 15 collect) and fill in the Spike Pits (10).
Solutions for the puzzle are below. Hidden caves are not worthy the trouble (I didn't check one).

Quest 1: Polish and collect Dusty Vases.

Quest 2: Four (4) Puzzles

Quest 3: Fill Spike Pits and Defeat Undead Mummy of Bakary

Puzzle 1
Puzzle 2 
Puzzle 3 
Puzzle 1

Defeat Bakari mummy and get his crown.

Not worthy almost for sure... I didn't do it.
Hidden Caves (Not worthy):

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