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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Adventure World: 1. Heroic Snake Marsh

1. Heroic Snake Marsh
Heroic Expeditions

"Ready for a greater status with snakes? With an Heroic Pose and Music, use the 5 Hero's Horns to open Golden Anaconda's Lair. Let us go and confront her posthaste."

Rewards:  5 Water Glyphs, 150-700 coins
Ask Friends: 10 Sheets of Heroic Music (Wall Post), 10 Heroic Poses (Individual Requests)
Gadgets: Snake Baits, 3 or 4 Bear Traps, Upgrade tools
Full Crew: 5 Crew Helpers
Time: 6 Days

Heroic expeditions are equal to previous expeditions with the same name, but much harder  and with an extra boss quest (Quest 4). When completing, you receive a Gold Heroic Statue that gives you extra rewards. Images below are self-explanatory. TIP: You have red vases in the Golden Anaconda Lair. You don't need to collect the one on top, near a snake.


Rewards after killing Golden Anaconda:

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