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Monday, February 6, 2012

Adventure World Collections

When you are doing your games activities like cutting bushes, breaking some stones or killing some snakes, sometimes collectible items drops and it will show you what you have collected so far on that collection. Each collection has a different reward and they are related to specific maps.

Most Wanted Rewards from Collections:

Animal kingdomAnimal Kingdom or habitat: Base Camp (Sloth, Ewe, Bird, Salamader and frog or other equal tree). (*)

Obsidian gripObsidian Grip: 
In the Volcano MapsCrater, Cracks of Gloom, 
Painted Volcano

Diamond CoatingDiamond Coating:
In the cavern maps:

Danger Mine, Quaking Mine, Cave of Skulls

Ram horn gripRam Horn Grip:In the Mountain Maps: Mountain PassMountain ChaseRam Runner

Leaf ReinforcementLeafy Reinforcement:
In Jungle Maps:

Treasure Trail, Snake Marsh, Jungle Run

Gold PlatingGold Plating:
In the Temple Maps
GoldenTower,The Gauntlet

(*) Animal Kingdom: When a base camp neighbors has this tree and you
click on it, you get 25 coins and a chance of any of the animal
All Collections

Below there is the list of collections and rewards by map type:
Base Camp (yours or your neighbors')
  • Rescued Animal Collection: Reward - Animal Kingdom/Habitat
  • Base Camp Collection: Reward - Free Crew Member
Jungle Map
Arrowhead Collection: Reward - Leafy Reinforcement
El Dorado Collection: Reward - Free Crew Member 
  • Treasure Trail
  • Snake Marsh
  • Jungle Run
  • Cave of Montezuma
  • Great River
  • Safari Showdown
  • The Cave of Doom
  • Lost Children
Mountain Maps
Warrior Collection: Reward - Thatch
Mountaineer Collection: Reward - Ram Horn Grip
  • Mountain Pass
  • The Mountain Chase
  • Ram Runner
  • Mountains of Madness
  • Bombing Run
  • Monkey Mountain
  • Trailer of Fire
Cavern Maps
Gemstone Collection: Reward - Diamond Coating
Miner Collection: Reward - Wood
  • Danger Mine
  • Quaking Mine
  • Cave of Skulls
  • Coal Mine Canaries
  • Cursed Jade Mine
Volcano Maps
Jewelry Collection: Reward - Nails
Weapon Collection: Reward - Obsidian Grip
  • Crater
  • Cracks of Gloom
  • Painted Volcano
  • Volcano Sanctum
  • Eruption
  • Halloween: Trail of
Temple Maps
Conquistador Collection: Reward - Twine
Luxury Goods Collection: Reward - Gold Plating
  • Golden Tower
  • The Gauntlet
  • Twin Temples
  • Plundered Shrine
  • Inner Sanctum

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