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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Expedition Guide: 08. Safari Showdown

450 Supplies, 2 Food , 2 Fuels, 2 Water, 1 Dynamite (1,000 Coins or 100 Rewardsville coins)

Energy needed for: snakes 4 hp, queen coral12 hp, thorns 6 hp, bushes 3 hp


Starting the game and follow the direction of arrows. Behind the hut there is a green vase. So, here you collect 3 vases.
Disarm the light brown ancient statue, otherwise you can get to the other side, near the bridge.

Collect all the bundle grass, eggs, kill the coral snake and check how many  hardened vines you still need for the quest. Collect one more green vase.

Collect 10 cottons and avoid or kill the snake by luring it into the trap, before disarming the ancient statue. Disable the trap gives you some energy.

Use the a dynamite and blow up the big rock, behind the big rock there are some bushes and you have to cut through a wiggling one to get the green vase.

Don't forget to collect the bottom green vase, before planting in the holes the fences, grass, and placing the eggs in the nest (circle).  If you do, the expedition will end.

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