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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Adventure World: Desert of The Dead Guide

1.  Desert of The Dead
Guardian of Underworld (Serie: 1/3)

Ask friends: 10 Bubblegum
Gadgets: 4 Scorpion Baits (Sallah's Bazaar), 1 Bear Trap, 2 Eagles (for the labyrint),
Suggestions: Have Shovel and Hammer level 4.
Hidden Caves: 4 Hidden Caves (See photos at the end)
Rewards: 5 Scarabs Glyphs, 1 Egyptian Gravestone 
Xp Earned: around 2950, Energy spent around 25 (Rate: 118)
A friend of mine has this record: 2662XP with 11Energy (Rate: 242)
Let's try to break his record?

Guardian of Underworld (Serie: 1/3)
Overview Starting Point
Quest 1 - The Quill of Thoth: 
Cross the river and recover the Quill of Thoth to open Thoth’s Chambers!
Quest 2 - Scorpion Trouble: 
Defeat Scorpions with Poison Scorpion Bait!
Quest 3 - Graves:  
We have to find a graveyard and search the graves for clues 
Your starting point is in the South of the river. There you can choose any direction, there is no best route. On the south side, walk slowly as the scorpions are everywhere. Some notes:
  • Feed the crocodiles (10 in total) and they will build a bridge to the north side.
  • By your way kill the scorpions (50 scorpions are needed for the quest) Each scorpion has 4 hp. Use 3 scorpion baits (25 each). Each scorpion bait will kill 3 scorpions. Don’t step on the bait or you will lose 1 bait value each time.
  • Bear traps will kill 1 scorpion.
  • Pegs are 4 hp
  • Sand piles are 6 hp.
Use 1 or 2 Eagles to see the way
After Labyrint
20 Graves
There are 20 graves and all need to be done for the wall to came down. Each grave has 6hp for digging and collecting. For filling is 6 hp. With a shovel level 4, you need 4 hits for each grave. The wall to north drops which leads back to the river.
 Passage to the river, after the graves
Some more scorpions. Feed the crocodiles along the river and go left.
Hidden Cave #2: Red top - Priest's Tomb
 Bridge to the North Side

1) Collect the Quill of Tolth (last task from Quest 1)
2) Hidden Cave Green
3) Go by the right side of the map, following the river. There are scorpions around. Use baits.
4) Go by the vent switches and there is a Yellow hidden cave. 

Vent Switches trick: 1, 2, 3 and then go back 1 twice and way is clear.
Vent Switch in the middle, click 1 time to first row, a second time it opens the 1st and closes the vent of the 2nd, so you can pass. Disarm the yellow trap.

Only clicking there... and it is complete. Receive the rewards.

Hidden Caves:
Location: Hidden Cave #1 
Green - Farmer's Tomb

Red - Priest's Tomb

Yellow - Pharaoh's Tomb

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