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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Expedition Guide: 13. Lost children

Requirements (level 18): 1800 supplies, 3 Food, 3 Fuel, 3 Water
Rewards: 800 coins, 1 Food (see mastery table)
Energy needed: bush snake (brown) 6 hp (it waits for you to strike), bush 4 hp, thorns 6 hp
4 days

This is until now the most difficult quest to make a guide to save energy. Several places there are no better choice. In this guide I didn't include the blue skulls and it is still missing more details how to save the first child. The better advice here is be careful with bushes that move and choose fighting a snake or cutting thorns (usually thorns are a better energy choice here). Good luck!

Quest 1

Quest 2

Quest 3

Starting point
First lost child is on the bottom right of this above picture. It is a way full of bushes (with snakes), thorns and some snakes. Be careful with moving bushes.

Helped first lost child (1).

From the starting point, the second lost child (2) is on the north of the map. Cut the bush in the bottom right (pink arrow) and then go all to the left and cut the second bush (with a cross on the left and an arrow from the right side).  Third bush has a snake behind that you have to kill. Follow the arrow then to the bridge.

Second child is surrounded by traps and a snake. First go all around to eliminate the fog and the snake kills himself LOL.

Go to the left side of the map, so you can disarm the light brown trap.

Don't cut the bush where a brown snake is now. Choose to go in the place of the pink arrows, avoid that last bush (snake inside) and...

...  reach the ancient statue to disarm it.

Behind the second lost child, there is the blue statue.

Follow the pink arrows.

Sorry! This one no matter which way, you have to deal with snakes or thorns and spend some energy.

Follow arrows, collect red vase, help child, collect blue bird toy (behind the trap and the child) and collect green vase. Saved lost child 2.

Lost Child 3

Cut the the two thorns in the way, bush and disarm the blue trap.
As you can see there is nothing in the middle of the fog and the statue is blue.

Again difficult. I chose the bushes on the left of the picture, but I got an inside bush snake and I had to go to the middle to fight the snake that is here at sight. Then thorns for the statue (because at the other side it is another bush with a snake inside). 
I collect one more bird toy nearby, meanwhile I was checking wich bushes were moving, as to say which had snakes.
Red trap.
I miss one more trap, but let me save this child (3). :D
On the way to the last lost child (4)... On the other side the bush has a snake. So, in front is the way and killing this snake at sight. Then bush on the right side of the screen to reach the blue statue and the blue skull (part of the quest) . Then I chose the thorns near the statue (other has a snake), disarmed the trap and free way to collect the skull.

By thorns and fighting the snake. If it helps, you can use DODGE if you are out of energy when fighting a snake. charge yourself after only with one more and no bites from the snake.

Clear the way, pick up the toy (pink circle), clear the thorns (blue circle) behind the green statue and disarm the green trap. After go disarming the light brown (on the beginning of this track and save this child.  Saved Lost child (4).

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