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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Expedition: 10.1 Poacher

Requirements: 850 supplies, 3 food, 3 fuel, 3 water
Rewards: 600 coins (bonus), 3 Food
Ask friends: 6 jars of banana puree
Energy needed: snakes 6 hp, bush 4 hp, thorns 9 hp
3 days

You must found the Poachers and bringing them to justice. The poacher trapped baby monkeys and you need to save them first. The trip was found were this happened! It is a preferred ground with rare albino monkeys.

Quest 1: Save the baby monkeys
Quest 2: How to sabotage the poachers

Quest 3: Create monkey decoys.

General overview: starting
It looks to be a trap with a baby monkey on the right, so right I am going.

Snake in the way.
Poacher trap to rescue, clicking 2 times. "How could they trap babies?"

Collect the poacher map (6c, 3xp), extinguish the camp fire and collect cocoa from the tree. Go ahead to the fog.
Get the the red poison arrow frog and the red vase. "It can be usual for decoys."
This place is done.

One baby saved and near the family :)

Green vase on this corner... already caught it.

Across the bridge for the south (of the starting point) is the 2nd baby monkey.

This one is caged and takes 3 energy to release him, after you collected the map and extinguished the camp fire.
Family increase with one more baby :)
3rd baby is in the trap, more below. 
Uiii!!! This bush had a bad snake (my whip has 4 hp and snake needs 6 to kill).

Fortunately on the fog nearby there is one more red vase. Choose the bush from below. The top one has a snake (you can see moving). Gather the 3 cotton, you need 6. It is better to reach the trap by the bushes, probably you spend less energy (I would) and you will need that way clear for collecting more cocoa and vases (3).

3rd baby safe!
As referred before, more below this 3rd baby rescue, you cocoa to collect from the tree and some handy energy collecting the 3 vases.
Location for rescuing 3rd baby monkey.

It seems I should have chosen the other bush... well crew on the way to help me.
Don't cut the bush in front of the blue statue, there is a snake there.
Go to the baby trap by the bushes on the left. On the right there is a snake.

4 babies safe!
Collect red frog. Around here it was a snake that got killed by itself LOL (see trap). Collect the cocoa and disarm the statue.

Collect the 3 cottons and this task is complete.
On the fog there is a green vase.
Cut the bush of the other side to get the vase. This one that you see has a snake inside.

Before leaving disarm the traps...
... and place the monkey decoy.

In the direction for the North of this place, for saving next baby monkey. The blue statue disarmed the trap after the bridge. 

Collect map, extinguish the camp fire and... 
... snake at sight.
Snake killed because I lure that creature into the trap.

Saved the baby and they are 5 albino baby monkeys.
Left side from the last saving baby. Snake again... this time HELP CREW and he killed the snake (2x) and cutting 4hp of a bush (it has 9hp). :(

Collect the cocoa, disarm the green statue and collect green vase. Sabotage the moto. That's all here, 
Go to the up corner to place a monkey decoy, but disarm 1st the blue trap (which I still didn't) or go careful by the right side and green trap and you can make it.
OK!!! Time again for  HELLLLLPPPPP CREWW!
Kill 2 snakes!
All other stuff is easy: clean thorns near the light brown statue, disarm statue, collect cocoa (the bush nearby, don't do it), collect vases, collect a red frog,
Happy family! 6 babies! 
As I received the banana puree from the friend I feed them all.
They got very happy!
Again 2 snakes at the same time... crew help again. After disarming the statues, collecting vases. In the light brown statue here don't cut the thorns. Cut the bush and then click on the green vase and your avatar will go by the back collecting the vase.

Sabotage the car, collect the cocoa, last frog... well the usual.
In the top right of all the map there is this fog... I was curious to see what was there. Well, blue skull, cocoa tree and a red vase with a bush (and a snake inside it) in front. So, not worthy to come here if you collected from other places, as I did.

I was still missing placing a monkey decoy. Here it looks that the blue trap is not disarmed. Well from here it is ok and I looked all over and I didn't had any ancient statues to disarm.

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