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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Several FAQ's

How can I NOT LOOSE ENERGY fighting creatures (spiders, snakes, rams,...)?
You can HIRE CREW between your friends. Crew doesn't loose energy, when attacked.
On top of that you will earn between 1 to 3 points of extra energy depending on the creature.
Also, you can lure them to fall in a trap or in the dangerous places, then you not even have to fight them.

What is my gain when visiting neighbors?
Rocks and thorns: 1coin and 1xp

Sites, canary, ewe, salamander and frog: 5coins
Grass and bushes: 1coin and 3xp
Boats: 5 supplies
Building resource (variable: water, oil, food)
Special tree (animal): 25coins

What is my gain when neighbors visit me?
Always gains 5 coins and 2xp plus harvest, if it applies.

What is my gain when grabbing bonus from the wall?

Requests of Energy: small energy
XP posts: 10xp
Grab Coins: 25coins
Requests for fuel, food or water: 2 fuel, 2 food or 2 water

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