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Friday, April 6, 2012

Adventure World: Lucky Dragon Chest - Coming Soon!!!

Sneak Preview:
Lucky Dragon Chest - Tibet Missions

Free Adventure World Cash, Energy and More
It is coming soon a new feature that will enable you to win free Adventure Cash, Energy, XP and even Free Crew members! 

The Lucky Dragon Chest should be placed in the Base Camp, with the possibility to get several reward levels. Probably you will need later to click 1 time per day in the Lucky Dragon Chest and sharing the reward with friends!

The information is still few, but updates will be available for you as soon as this feature is released, what should happen very soon, with the Tibet new expeditions.

The Lucky Dragon Chest will be placed in your base camp.Then, you need to request 2 items:
one from wall posts and the other from direct requests: Jade Dragon Trinkets and Lotus Blossoms.

As soon as you have the items you make offerings, at different levels (the information goes around 4 levels at this moment - Humble Offering, Adequate Offering, Honorable Offering and Supreme Offering), rewarding more items, as the level gets higher. It is likely that these offers can be repeated. The icons that correspond to rewards for each offering are as follows:

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