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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Adventure World: Path of Heroes

Heroic Expeditions called "Path of Heroes"

"Are you ready for a greater status? If you are test your skills as a Hero on the Marsh, with the snakes."

This is how this new feature “Path of Heroes” is introduced by Zoye. They are Heroic Expeditions where you will replay old expeditions. In Snake Marsh it was added a strong enemy: A Golden Anaconda boss. 
Other heroic expeditions are: Mountain Pass, Danger Mine and Jungle Run.  Coming soon: Safari Showdown (Deep Jungle) and Poachers Problems.

From the Sneak Peek (Heroic Snake Marsh):

Your tasks will include locating a Horn and a cave. Playing the horn will open the cavern. To blow the horn the player will need to ask some items, but it is really not much this time, we will need one “Heroic Pose” and two “Heroic Music” for each horn.

Click on the image 
to request Heroic Pose

The first four heroic maps will be: Snake Marsh, Jungle Run, Mountain Pass, and Danger Mine. Others possible will follow: Poachers Problems and Safari Showdown.

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