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Friday, April 6, 2012

Adventure World: Lucky Dragon Chest

The Lucky Dragon Chest - Receive your Rewards 

Free Adventure World Cash, Energy, XP, Free Crew Members and much more
The Lucky Dragon Chest should be placed in the Base Camp, with the possibility to get several reward levels. When you click on it, you get a table similar to the crafting building, though this time is for the crafting result are offerings. 
Below there is a guide for the Lucky Dragon Chest and how to receive the rewards.



This Chest rewards you with items that you specifically need. Whether it is items for your Base Camp Buildings, Zoology Animals, Gadgets, Bonus Crew, or even viral items which are needed to complete your older active expeditions, this Chest knows what you need – almost like it is psychic! At the two highest offering levels you also have the chance to be rewarded with a 120 Energy pack, an Energy Vitamin, or even a stack of Adventure Cash.

Let's Start
To begin, you simply need to place the fully built Chest on your Base Camp. Then ask your Friends for Jade Trinkets and Lotus Blossoms and begin to collect these items. 
"Please send me Lotus Blossoms,
 so I can make an offering to
 the Lucky Dragon Chest for rewards!"
Once you have collected enough for an offering, choose the size that you wish to present and collect your rewards (Humble Offering, Adequate Offering, Honorable Offering and Supreme Offering).
Choose the level of offering and receive the rewards! Supreme Offering is the highest level (more items to be requested and more rewards). 
Here is a sample of the rewards for the Humble offering:
Looking for something more valuable? Simply present 24/36 Trinkets and Blossoms, choose the level of offering and receive the rewards! 
Once you make a “Supreme offering”, your rewards will look something like this: 
Simply check your inventory to see what you have been rewarded with.
This is a very important feature for Adventure World which will become a very valuable asset for you to have, don't loose this opportunity!


  1. will this luck chest be there for good or just for a special time? any news on that? otherwise, really great feature, the "god" at zynga must have heard our prayers for more energy and such! ;)

    1. We never now if Zynga will decide to change this in the future or not. For now it is a permanent feature and not a "special time" offer. The new maps are extremely demanding on energy. I saw spiders with 50 hp (hitting points). so, I believe this feature is for rewarding the higher level players and it is here to stay.The contacts that I had with agents of Zynga, their information is on this way. This is for keeping people playing Adventure World and to compensate the bugs that the game has been facing. Don't forget that this game introduced a completely new way of playing and it had an extreme success when started.

    2. Let's me remark this is my opinion. It doesn't mean I am right in all of it.


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