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Monday, November 28, 2011

Coming tomorrow: Indiana Jones in Adventure World!!!

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You have received hints of Indy joining you in Adventure World since Zinga launched in September. He already sent you a few letters with updates on his status. In those letters, we last heard that his plane mysteriously went down near Cuba. At that time, he asked Zoey to assist you in crafting new Gadgets for you to use against beasties. Well, now the wait is almost over! Starting tomorrow, Indy will join you in Adventure World.

Join Indy to South American Jungle to find an important Standing Stone. This stone contains information on a mysterious artifact known as the Calendar of the Sun. The artifact was supposedly constructed to control eclipses. It seems that others have beaten you to the punch though, and we are not talking about friendly individuals either.

Collection: Calendar of the Sun Maps
This will be the first of many appearances that Indiana Jones will make within Adventure World. While he may not join you for every map or quest, his presence will be felt throughout all of your Adventures. From visual representations to the actual Gadgets he has used, you will soon notice many new and exciting enhancements within Adventure World.

So ...  “sit back and enjoy the show,” ... but we all know that is not a possibility - You have to participate, side-by-side with Indiana Jones! :D

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