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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Zoey's tent

The 4th November 2011
A new character, new Gadgets, new Maps, and even an exciting new puzzle releasing over the next couple of hours!

Zoey Hugo unlocked at level 10 is an Adventurer who:
  • has the ability to “craft” new Gadgets for you to use to kill the beasties
  • can assist you in a number of ways during these Adventures
  • introduces you to some decoding work in a quest during the Temple of the Mask

Steps before the new adventures:
  1. place and build Zoey’s Tent on your Base Camp
  2. place Zoey’s avatar on your Base Camp, as well
  3. begin “crafting” new Gadgets – Spider Bait and Siren, receiving the items showed below
  4. use these new gadgets to complete the quest "Temple of the Mask"
  5. Use them later on other quests

Spider Bait
Simply place the Spider Bait down and distract them while you grab the treasure and run.
This can be used on any map and with any Spider.

Use the Siren to wake up the Sleeping Tapirs, so that they move out of your way

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