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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Coming soon - Receive free energy everyday

Zinga's Official Blog informs us that it is coming soon receiving energy everyday.

It is a coffee plant for the Base Camp that each harvest gives you 6 Energy.  Every 24 hours additionally you can to send a crew request out to your neighbors. If 6 of your neighbors join your crew, you can then receive an additional 12 energy.

This is a total boost of 18 free energy per day.

- If you visit your neighbor’s Base Camp and tend their Coffee Plant you will receive coins. 
- This plant is only harvestable ONLY ONE TIME per day.
- You also have the potential to receive a free energy if you already have your own Coffee Plant.
- If you have not yet built your Coffee Plant, you have the potential to receive 1 free buildable part for your Plant.
- Requests are “send-1-get-1”.

I think all of us will enjoy this energy boost for our Base Camp.

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