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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Adventure World Guide: The Base Camp Invasion (Vault of Power)

1. The Base Camp Invasion (Vault of Power)

Ask friends for: 5 Briefcases Keys (Individually), 9 Transport Crates (Wall Post)
Rewards: 300-1000 coins, 5 Wheel Tibet Glyphs
Beasties: 39 SNAKESQuick Snake 6hp
Gadgets: Snake Poison and Bear trap (damage 10hp)

This Map has lots of snakes. The problem is the snakes are 6hp and for counting for the Reward of Whip 6hp, you need to hits to kill the snake. Use crew helpers or bear traps at the start place - similar to the base camp. Use then Snake Poison.


Don't forget to click on the key lock.


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