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Monday, June 18, 2012

Adventure World: 3. Yeti Trail (Mystery of the Yeti)

TIBET - Mystery of The Yeti (3/4)

Yeti Trail
Ask friends for: 5 Snow Machines Blueprints (Individually), 10 Investigation kits (Wall Post)
Rewards: 150-700 coins, 5 Wheel Glyphs
Tools: Wrench (upgradable in the upcoming Tibet Toll Shop)
Beasties and Obstacles: Snow Wolf 8hp
Crew: Full crew is always good

This is only to know what this map is all about. I had to get a new account at some point and I got late on doing these maps. Also, this was not difficult but it is not easy to make a detail guide. If you would like more details CLICK HERE to see Cegamers Guide. If you understand Italian or the images are enough, there is also a good quick guide in Adventure World Italy (CLICK HERE).

Source of the Image:Adventure World Italy

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