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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Re-Live the 12 Days of Adventure! More Energy!

Red Energy Pills
Re-Live the 12 Days of Adventure!
Coming Soon! Not Released Yet!

Check the new website:
This is a limited-edition available at Level 8 or above. Rewards will come from the Holiday Tree! As it happens by Christmas Holidays, 12 Days of Adventure is returning in  July ! A nice adding is that each one permanently increases the maximum Energy bar  by 2 Energy. (ENERGY REd PILLS)
At this moment it is also considered the return for the challenge "Treasure Seeker" (Explore as many Treasure Caves as you can).
Chinese New Items!
 Two new chinese items were found in the files. "Ancient Chinese Secrets" and "Chop Sticks". No more information is available.

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