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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Adventure World: Plundered Shrine Guide (Temple Map)

Requirements (Level 37): 6600 supplies and 5 fuel, food, water Rewards: 1200-2800 coins, 80-200 Fuel
Gadgets: 2 or more grappling hooks
Obstacles and Beasties: Big stones 15hp, Thorns 8hp, Snake 10 hp This is a very easy Temple Map, with only one snake to kill (others can be avoid). There is no really need for crew helpers, but it will save you energy. It is a very saving map, that's the reason of publish this map now. 
Crew members CAN push blocks. 

XP earned: Around 1800 with 30 Energy Spent (Rate: 40)
Record: 1800 Xp with 18 energy spent (Rate: 100)
Overview without fog
Quest 1: Find the Evidence  
 Investigate 3 Footprints, get clues from 3 Crates and Plundered Plans
to find Thieves identity.
Quest 2: Booby trap the Thieves Tunnel
Collect 25 Thorny Branches, 
Plant 5 of them at the Thieves Tunnel, 
Clear 3 Hardened Nests, 
Push a block down to the hole.
Quest 3: Find the hidden room - Treasure Room
Collect the treasures from the Hidden Treasure Room, use 2 grappling hooks.
Overview Starting Point
Disarm the trap and kill the snake (10hp).
To kill the snake hire crew. You won't need crew for much in this map.
Lure the snake into the trap.
Follow the way (red arrows until n.3, then pink arrows, later red again until n.4)
Collect the vases (Quest 3: Riches)
Collect some thorns on the way. You need 25, each thorn will give you 4 thorn brunches, so you need to collect 7. For the blocks or for the Thorns, use the crew helpers.
Collect the Plunderers' Plans, and investigate 3 Footprints.
Collect the 3rd crate nearby.
  Click on the 3 hardened nests, plant the thorns and ...
 ... push the block down to the hole.
Expedition Complete!!!

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